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Terms and Condition

  1. For every behind the wheel lesson, the student must drive at minimum 1hr at home.
  2. Parents allow the enrolled student to drive the school’s vehicle during behind the wheel lesson.
  3. Fees are payable by cash, personal check, money order or credit cards (processing fees apply for credit card) prior to receipt/awarding of relevant certification
  4. At minimum, client must make an effort to pay at least 50% of total cost of class prior to the 1st classIf applicable, behind the wheel instruction is conducted by appointment only and the student may be charged regular school rate of $40.00 for any appointment he/she does not meet, unless the school is given at least 24 hour notice.
  5. Student must make up missed classes (instruction/in-car) within 7 days.
    A refund of any fees or tuition will be provided, upon written request, unless the school is capable or willing to perform its part of the contract within a reasonable time period.
    No Certification will be issued until all fees have been paid in full.
    The school will complete the course in a reasonable length of time; however, it cannot be held responsible for delays caused by mechanical failure, unsafe driving conditions due to bad weather or any reason which it has no control. The school will give the student as much notice as possible of any delays.
    The instruction period does not guarantee that any student will pass the state license examination or secure a license, nor does the completed instruction guarantee employment of any kind.
    Abigail’s Driving School reserves the right to refer certain services to a third party if the school is unable to accommodate a customer.